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Dwarka The Most Fascinating Tourist Attraction Destination

Dwarka is likewise an essential recorded landmark.The extraordinary writer Premanand has in his "Sudama Charit" depicted its awe inspiring magnificence and majesty.places possess large amounts of characteristic excellence, explorer spots of national essentialness, noteworthy memorable destinations, horde of crafted works of Gujarat are a steady fascination for visitors inside and outside the nation. Dwarka the capital of Lord Krishna's Kingdom. Dwarka is one of the four most paramount pioneer places.

Shree Dwarkadhish Temple

Shree Dwarkadhish Temple
The principle sanctuary at Dwarka, arranged on Gomti brook, is regarded as jagat mandir (all inclusive sanctum) or trilok sundar (the most excellent in all the three planets). Initially accepted to be manufactured by Vajranabh, the extraordinary grandson of Lord Krishna, more than 2500 years back, it is a superb structure appearing to ascent from the waters of the Arabian Sea.

Shree Somnath Temple

Shree Somnath Temple
Shree Somnath Trust invites you to the holy place of the Aadi Jyotirling Shree Somnath Mahadev and the sacrosanct soil where from Bhagvan Shri Krishna took his last adventure to his neejdham. The sanctuary is constructed at the shore of the Arabian sea on the western corner of Indian subcontinent.

Shree  Ambaji Temple

Shree Ambaji Temple
Ambaji is a vital Temple town with a huge number of enthusiasts going by the Ambaji Temple consistently. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. The full moon of Bhadrapad is one of the four most critical celebration days of the year, when agriculturists and agriculturists come to Ambaji.the unique seat of Ambaji mata is on gabbar topmost ridge in the town.the Temple of Ambaji is distinguished as one of the definitive Shakti Pithas.


Dakor in Gujarat is noticeable for its fantastic temples of Shree Krishna which have a verifiable importance. A fascinating legend identifies how Lord Krishna came to uncover himself at Dakor leaving his Dwarka abod. In time long past times a Krishna fan named Bholanath used to walk the distance to Dwarka from Dakor on every full moon night to love his adored Krishna.

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