Friday, October 11, 2013

A Glimpse of the Golden Historical Ages of India

Are you planning to visit India for the first time… the best way to explore and feel the warmth and culture of this beautiful land is to opt for the India golden triangle tour. The tour consists of three major destinations that bring you to an era that consisted of the luxurious style of life and a wonderful holistic phase. You get to feel the intensity and true flavor of the Maharajas and their archeological buildings, style and glamour along with their grandeur. The three memorable destinations of the India golden triangle tour packages are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Delhi- The capital of this diverse country proudly homes India’s largest mosque, the world’s biggest Hindu temple, and of course South Asia’s largest shopping mall. The capital is an ecstasy of power. It has been a city which has been succeeded by many reigns and has been the fascination of the biggest empires. No wonder Delhi has been the manifesto of historical happenings of the country and still is.
Jaipur- The majestic place with the most colorful pictures and culture is the capital city of Rajasthan. The moment you enter this city you can feel the warmth and fragrance of the history. The grandeur of the Maharajas and their respective reigns.  The war summons and the enchanting music and cuisine. Each aspect of the place in terms of cuisine or music is defined by the hot spice of the culture. 

Golden triangle tours India
Agra- A euphoric city built by the great Emperor Shah Jahan in the sweet memory of his beloved wife. The air in the city smells of the bygone era of Love and Passion. Agra is also the host to a large number of festivals like the Taj Mahostav held between 18-27 February every year and the Sheetla Fair. The Kalish Fair is held in (Aug-Sep), and the Urs and Bateshwar Fair in November. You cannot afford to miss the Golden triangle tours India.

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