Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trek In Ladakh

Destination At Doorstep offers adventurous trekking tours for its guests. The magnetism's in Ladakh for the tourists are snow clad peaks, translucent lakes, barren terrain, etc. The best time to visit on trekking in Ladakh is during between July and September.[Enquiry Now]
So, this is the time you should start packing your bags and allow us to assist you.
Leh Ladakh tours propose the exploration trekking trips also. This is a setup sandwiched between two of the world’s utmost mountain ranges, Himalayan and the Karakoram. This valley barred initially for the reason that of the rival and then for its tactical geographic location.[Enquiry Now]
The major obstacle in the trekking in Ladakh is by reason of frosty waves and snowstorm. Therefore, particular clothing is mandatory for trekking in this county. You require following items before you start trekking:
  • Pullovers and anorak must be reserved handy,
  • A pair of walking shoes along with tough rubber or synthetic soles for hold,
  • Thick strand socks,
  • Good sleeping shoulder bag,
  • A water – resistant tent,
  • A fine quality water container,
  • Flash light with ample stock of batteries,
  • A sun – hat,
  • First – aid and
  • A pair of good quality sunglasses 
These are necessary gear for arrival on a trek and all should be back packed in a good quality bag.
Apart from these necessary things, in proportion to the time and budget; the traveler offices at Leh, Kargil or Padum plan trekking programs for the visitors but the accurate and simplest means to go on trek is by contacting us, we will take care of each and every arrangements including:
  • Camping gear,
  • Provisions,
  • Staff and all other matters.
It is sensible to have each & every necessary thing with you however, we will help you in providing all the necessities. [Enquiry Now]

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